Email Marketing

Be Aware Of Popular Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is a competitive field and an effective marketing channel with the maximum return on investment. Though there are different marketing channels, tactics and technologies available today, email marketing is preferred by many people for promoting something in the successful way. 

If you want to buy mailing tools, you may be a little confused. The best tools in this category only assist users too plan, execute and automate the email marketing. You can focus on the best email tools one after another and get an overview about how to use these tools. You will make a decision to prefer and use one of these tools based on your email marketing requirements. 


ConvertKit is a renowned email marketing tool and designed for focusing on the ecommerce. This tool has distinctive features to fulfil specific ecommerce needs of users. Some of these features are opt-in forms for designers, the feature to do recipient analytics and the landing page builder.  The richest feature set of this tool is used and recommended by email marketers who are very conscious about the conversion. You can use this well-rounded tool for any email marketing requirement regardless of whether you plan to do ecommerce or not. 

The main attractions of this tool are the website builder, advanced marketing automation elements, intuitive user interface with the best visual builder, user-friendly marketing automation features and conversion-focused features towards the fulfilment of ecommerce needs.  You can read reviews of this leading email marketing tool and make a good decision to use it as per your requirements.  


Mailjet is a popular email marketing tool which focuses on the intuitiveness and simplicity with its drag-and-drop email builder. Though this tool provides the basic email automation, this tool is sufficient for email marketers. The free plan of this tool is useful to all beginners to the competitive email marketing sector.  

A hassle-free method to integrate a simple mail transfer protocol server with this tool makes its users satisfied. Keep in mind that simple mail transfer protocol is vital to enhance the speed of the email delivery and useful for those who like to implement the time-sensitive email campaign. 

The most important benefits for users of this email marketing tool are reliable SMTP server, user-friendly and intuitive builder, free version for basic email marketing, affordable paid plan and the facility to integrate the sign-up forms within the email.  

Campaign Monitor 

Campaign Monitor is an advanced yet the user-friendly email marketing tool. This tool provides the basic email automation features. Users of this tool take advantage of the advanced automation features as well as the user-friendly email automation workflow.  They are confident and happy to recommend this cost-effective email marketing tool to others. 

New and regular users of this leading email marketing tool these days get more than expected benefits. They are willing to enhance every aspect of their email marketing campaign with this powerful tool. This tool has the user-friendly visual builder and automated campaign builder. There are the best reporting and analytics tools in the Campaign Monitor to evaluate the marketing campaign and develop the suitable strategy.